Sunday, 9 July 2017

New Mentor Package for Tinnitus Sufferers

It has been a difficult 9 months coming to terms with hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis but from the outset, it felt very important to write about my healing pathways,  so that I could help others. 

Working from my diaries, I have written a Tinnitus Mentoring Course and tonight, I have been in the studio for the first time since losing my hearing, to record what will be Earth Angel Tinnitus.

It is made up of Four Arts & Holistic Therapy Mentor Sessions. I have nearly 30 years of experience in writing Arts & Health Training Packages as an Arts Consultant and am a qualified Sound Therapist, as well as Reiki Practitioner. This professional background, combined with my personal experience of hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis, sit well together in one CD package that supports others in coming to terms with their condition and helps them to create a nurturing environment within which to heal.

Tonight, I have recorded the Introduction and Mentor Session One with the loving support of my lifelong creative partner, Jeff Beer who sound engineers for me and is upstairs now mixing down the first recording, bless him.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy of the CD once is it is finished feel free to drop me a line at

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