Friday, 14 July 2017

'Heron's Landing' Photo Shoot with Fiona Winter at Quiet Space

My dear friend, Fiona Winter, visited me today at Quiet Space Studio. Fiona is a dancer. She is the Director of Energy Moves and teaches Nia. She is also the most incredible energy worker. 

She asked me to take some photographs for her website and marketing. I love taking photographs. I only use my telephone camera but I find it offers me a flexibility. For this type of shoot I do quite a bit of work in terms of capturing personality & learning about a person's angles. I should add that there is no editing on these shots. They are authentic, real and of the actual moment, not a touched up version of it. That felt important in capturing Fiona.

After Fiona had asked me about doing the shoot, I scrolled through her existing photographs on facebook to study how we could reach the petite yet mighty Fiona: The naughty yet sensitive and empathic Fiona. The wise yet youthful.

The first part of the shoot, I took 50 or more shots of her at different angles whilst telling me a story. This way I can capture movement and enigma, a person's flow. We studied these shots together to discuss the angles that best capture her on camera. We then went to try these out against a backdrop that represents the spirit of Fiona.

Energy Moves is fluid and constant like the river, evergreen like the ivy, ever changing yet the same, like the sky ... I took Fiona to a place on the Teifi River where Heron's come to land. I go there a lot to watch them nest. With her winged scarf, it seemed the perfect location, it has everything that is Fiona. The Teifi has been inhabited since before time, it is ancient and wise, beautiful and powerful, it can appear light yet is deep and flooding.

And this shot below is my Fiona, my darling friend. I choose it because it's all about the depth and smile of her eyes.

What a wonderful afternoon at Heron's Landing, where grown ups can play as if they were still children, which off course, we are.

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  1. AMAZING photos - love to you both x x x x x x x x x x x x


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