Friday, 28 July 2017

Love needs no words

This is Rhianon. She is spelt wrong but that's ok. She was named by a little girl with special needs for whom this spelling was completely right and if it was right for her, it was right for Rhianon and I.

She has been touring schools with me for many years. I decided that since I am unable to go into school, she should be given a new life and carry on having fun without me. I didn't want to hold her back now that I need Quiet Space.

So, I sat her in the window and put her on my facebook page. Lo, a wonderful friend and fellow storyteller fell in love with her. A perfect re-homing.

So today, I got the bubble wrap and the scissors, the brown paper and cellotape. I gave her one last hug before wrapping her up and sending her on ... but she would not let go. She held me so tightly that I cried. She and I remembered all the wonderful times we have had together. Then she told me that actually, she didn't want to leave. She had been having a wonderful time as Quiet Space and wants to stay and write stories with me.

Off course, in reality, she said nothing, but she didn't need to because sometimes, love needs no words.

Rhianon doesn't sit in the window anymore. She sits with me, weaving wool and penning poems.

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