Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Joy of Being Still

When you are being still and quiet, you never know who is going to walk through your door next. First visitor of the day was Katie Louise Phillips. She lives a few doors down. 

Since having fibromyalgia she has found herself at home more and more. She started to make things and opened an online business called Katie's Homemade Store.

Katie is renting an Exhibition Box at Quiet Space Studio as it gives her the opportunity to show her work to the local community, to direct people to the window to see what she has made and enables her to connect with the community, rather than be totally online.

My next visitor was Prue Thimbleby who is the Co-ordinator of Arts in Health and a Co-Organiser of the International Storytelling for Health Conference. I have been part of her team as the Creative Digital Developer for the 6 months running up to Conference. This was our final plenary meeting. 

She came with a HUGE bunch of flowers from the Storytelling Team. How wonderful.

Then a chap called Robert popped in. He makes music apps for schools around the world. 

He had seen 'The Tethered Fairyring' in Quiet Space window, a piece of music I composed which Welsh harpist Susan Berry kindly notated & was launched in Lower Normandy, France. He is bringing his business partner in to chat with me next week.

Then Pete Barrett called to introduce me to his son. Pete is a wonderful kirtan musician friend of mine and his son is following suit having also become a kirtan musician.

I never realised that being still and quiet could be so much fun.

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