Friday, 7 July 2017

Hearing Stories

Earlier this week, I had a visit from Rosemary Jones at Quiet Space Studio & Gallery. She is with Pentrecwrt WI. She called in to say 'hello' and had seen my sign on the door regarding my hearing.

We had a lovely chat about her life as a hearing impaired person. Rosemary explained what it was like when she first went deaf at 6 years old and as she told me her story, I had an idea.

I asked Rosemary if she would kindly allow me to record her story to start a new multi media project which will be based at my Quiet Space website. 

'Hearing Stories'  will explore the life experiences of people who live with hearing loss; how it happened, how they felt, how they came to terms with it and what their life is like now, giving a voice to our hidden disability.

Rosemary has her first hearing aid from her childhood and she had planned to bring it in today for me to photograph it but she couldn't find it. She told me that was will pray to St.Anthony who apparently is the patron Saint of Lost Causes and can help to find things. I have every faith that it will turn up before next Tuesday when Rosemary is coming back to do the interview.

Isn't is amazing how the Universe is bringing me exactly the right people. 

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