Friday, 21 July 2017

Circle of Friendship

One of the unexpected things that has happened since opening Quiet Space Studio is that my beautiful friends, have gifted me some very lovely wool. I wondered how I could repay this kindness.

I decided to make 6 bracelets and offer them on my facebook page to my friends asking them to nominate someone that they felt would really benefit from receiving a surprise friendship bracelet made with love, weaving a wider circle of friendship.

I also had a look through my facebook feed and where I could see a little sadness or loss, I wrote to the person & asked them if they would like to receive a Circle of Friendship Bracelet.

The response has been so heart warming. It really does seem to touch people's hearts. 

Small actions of love have been the key to my own healing and now I feel strong enough to share that love in just a small way, to help others.

Wherever you are and whatever you are up to today, know that you are loved. We are dolphins in the same ocean.

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