Saturday, 29 July 2017

Experimenting with Story

If you read my last blog post, you'll understand why I was inspired to start writing a story about my beautiful rag doll today. 

Here she is before she retired from storytelling in schools.

Thing is, as a storyteller, I find it easy to make the words reach out to people through spoken word. I have been doing it for years, it trips off the tongue but I can no longer go into schools since my hearing conditions. In response, I am trying to capture the thrill of storytelling in written word. But once typed, my stories lose something and I get really despondent about the piece.

A parcel came today, wrapped in lovey brown paper, so I decided to experiment with writing the story on this more interesting medium.

I am not sure why, but knelt on my slate kitchen floor, writing onto recycled brown paper captivated me, excited me. 

I need to find a way that my story books become cornfields filled with poppies rather than cages for words. If you have any suggestions or advice, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.

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