Friday, 14 July 2017

Water Colour Friendships

About 5 years ago, a dear friend of mine, Miranda Betts, had a Women's Day Celebration on the beach in New Quay. This is where I met Jet. Jet and I hit it off so we became friends on facebook afterwards, and though we have never met again, we have stayed in touch, finding that we follow similar creative journeys.

A couple of days ago, Jet had posted on her facebook about some lovely new paints that she had acquired. They were intense dye based colours, so I asked her to do some testers for us to see on facebook, which she did. I didn't for one minute, think that I would be trying them out in the flesh.

Turns out that Jet travelled down from Nottingham to stay with a friend not far from Quiet Space Studio, so she came late afternoon with her friend and the rather exciting paints. 

I had some lovely watercolour blank postcards so Jet, her friend, Fiona, who was still at Quiet Space and myself, all sat quietly painting together. It was so lovely to be with others in this quiet way. 

I did a poetry reading for them, my 3rd one today. It's such good practice for me and I am finding it very healing. I couldn't even read through a whole poem 2 weeks ago without losing my thread but the more I practice, the more I am feeling my flow again. I can sense myself healing. Baby steps.

What a wonderful day, filled with so much friendship that one can't help but feel uplifted.

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