Sunday, 9 July 2017

Pressing Matters

Last year, my dear friend Justine Dodd from Cariad Glass, LLandysul, was looking for a new home for her flower presses. I jumped at the chance. I LOVE pressing flowers. My Mum and I exchange pressed flowers and when I was little I made a pressed flowers book that won first prize in a Village fete. 

Well, it has taken me a whole year to open Justine's presses to put my own flowers in and when I peeled back the layers of paper, I found lots of old pressed flowers that she had left in there.

So, given that it is Sunday and Sundays are for pressing matters, I decided to make little pictures with the flowers.  

I think I will frame my little dried flower pictures this week and take into my Quiet Space Studio.

Funny how such little things can create so much happiness.

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