Thursday, 6 July 2017

Mastering the Art of Thresholds

 One of the interesting things about being at Quiet Space Studio & Gallery is that folk tend to peer in the window, see me, we smile, then they come to the door but they do not come in.

I literally have to stand up from my chair and verbally invite them to step into the studio. Once in, they do not wander around, nor read any of the poems that I have installed on the wall. It's almost as if they feel they are imposing.

My friend Prue reminded me of the importance of thresholds. So, I have begun a series of what are essentially drama and iconography experiments to see if there is a change to the way people access the space.

All of this is great R&D for my first exhibition for the release of my Anthology The Beauty of Decay at the end of the Summer.

In response to this, I have installed a mobile of feathers and parts of the poem Earth Angel Tinnitus, alongside the poem in the floating frame on the wall. In the frame above the poem, some more floating feathers. 

I will sit with this for a while and see how folk respond when they come in. 

I have also ordered some prints of a photo shoot that I did with a pair of angel wings. The feathers are from these wings. However, I would like to give the viewer space to think, rather than say 'Look! Look here's a picture of an angel!' 

I am hoping the mobile will draw them over to the poem, they will read the poem fragments on the mobile and as a result go the poem on the wall.

Twice today I have offered to do a reading of the poem to visitors. This has worked really well. 

It was quiet a big thing for me. I have not been able to 'peform' nor even do a reading comfortably in the 9 months without hearing or hearing aid because I can not hear my voice and consequently, I lose a sense of rhythm ... I can't focus on the piece because I am focussed on the ricidulously loud sounds in my head, which block out my voice. But with the hearing aid, I can hear myself over the tinnitus. It is absolutely wonderful. I can hear every word that I am saying and so, doing a reading is absolutely possible again, even enjoyable.

I have started thinking of new ways to disrupt the space.

This evening Jeff came over and we moved all the furniture round but I didn't like it. I suppose it is a toss up between having the space in  a position that suits me as a studio when I am working and then wanting to change it to make it an exhibition space that engages others to come in. I think this maybe the only option when the time comes to launch the exhibition. But I will keep on experimenting. After all, that's the fun of it.

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