Thursday, 27 July 2017

What you seek, is seeking you

One of the most wonderful things about keeping still and quiet at my studio has been the joy of accepting the flow of whatever is to be. 

Growing up, we are taught that if we want something, we have to make it happen but I am learning this just isn't true. 

All the time we spend on making things happen (or thinking that we are) perhaps we miss the wonderful opportunities that would have presented themselves.

Take today as an example. My dear friends Jeni and Ali came to visit me. They were coming to pick up some things that they had bought from Quiet Space. Then they said they wanted to chat to me about their website.

I first met Jeni at a stained glass workshop at Cariad Glass in Llandysul and we hit it off straight away. It was a truly wonderful day and we stayed friends ever since. 

Jeni came to me for Sound Healing in my studio and the vibrations resonated very deeply with her. She decided to train as a Sound Healer herself and this has opened up her heart to stepping into her full power as a healer.

Jeni and her partner Ali have a beautiful farm, and slowly, rather than offering holiday accommodation in their cottages, they have moved towards creating healing / recovery retreats. I have been on one of their retreats myself and it was nothing short of transforming.

Since accepting fully, this wonderful pathway, they feel the desire to transition with their whole hearts, stepping fully into healing.I am so utterly happy for them. I love the Rumi poem with the premise 'What you seek, is seeking you' As if Mother nature is saying, 'Thank Goodness, I put that desire in you and at last you are stepping into it.' I truly feel that Planet Earth is smiling at their decision.

Gorswyld Farm has a a beautiful chapel, wonderful land, labyrinths, it's more like a little rural village than holiday homes ... a very special energy indeed, filled with so much love. Jeni has set up her breathtaking gong studio. You can feel the vibration of the space before you even enter the room.

And what is even more exciting for me is that Jeni and Ali have asked me to work with them to design their new website for this wonderfully holistic venture, so I will get to play a small part in their healing adventure.

If you had asked me this morning, would you like a contract making a website for beautiful people, helping them to realise their dream of offering holistic retreats, to offer wonderful healing to kindred spirits and the planet, I would have fallen off my chair. I was so moved that I just held them both closely and cried.

When my contract finished as Creative Digital Developer for the Storytelling for Health International Conference, where I designed the website for the storytelling projects, my friends told me to start advertising to find a new website design contract but I knew it was time to invest in Quiet Space and trusted the Universe to sort out the rest. And she has ... there is such a learning to be had from peaceful stillness.

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